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Plagiarist Jayson Blair and the world

Don't blame Jayson.
Blame the bosses he sucked up to.
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Newsweek ran an excellent story on the New York Times and it's disgraced reporter, Jayson Blair. I would like to  draw some parallels to the current [2011] world political situation. 
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Jayson was chosen by the journalism power elite to be a star. Similarly, Manuel Noriega, the Shaw of Iran, Osama Bin Laden, and Saddam Hussien were chosen as rising stars by our political elite.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps inevitably, the rising stars all imploded due to the complex panoply of forces both inherent in their personalities and in things beyond their control. (That which makes one a suck-up also makes one rather delusional n'est ce pas?)

Now the same elite that elevated Jayson and Saddam see to it that their former protégés are not only removed from power, but also destroyed and humiliated. The real humiliation is not for the poor deterministic pawns in this game.  The real humiliation is to the elite and to their arrogance and vanity.

Jayson was no more chosen for his blackness then Saddam was chosen for representing a minor religious sect.  They were both chosen because of their ability to suck up to the elite. It wasn't Jayson's brown skin that got him the assignments, it was his brown nose.  That nose was stuck up Howard Raines' ass and it is Raines, not Blair that deserves all the pejoratives and soul-searching. 

There will always be ambitious kiss-ass twits striving past their abilities to upstage those they wish to feel superior too.  It is the job of the elite-- if there really is such a thing, to know that has been the truth since time immemorial and to prevent those twits from succeeding.  Raines failed.  So did our political elite.

The saddest aspect of this whole sordid affair is that Howard Raines, as well as our Republicans and Democrats, still have a job.  As Zappa said, if there is a hell, it surely waits for them.
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