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The Honeymooner's planning paradigm

Ralph has the delusional vision. Ed and
Trixie enable. Alice comes through in the end.
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High-dollar consultants have all kinds of planning paradigms. In my consulting business I have seen a common paradigm.  I call it the Honeymooner's strategic planning paradigm [TM].  This paradigm has four phases:
  1. The Kramden Phase.
  2. The Norton Phase.
  3. The Trixie Phase.
  4. The Alice Phase.
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Jackie-Gleason-camera.jpgThe Kramden Phase is characterized by a wild instant success "vision".  Ralph might say: "Let's make our own movie and make a million bucks!!!"  This is management conning you with some grand uninformed vision.

The Norton phase is represented by Ed kinda pulling on his sleeves, bending his elbows and generally making a big fuss over things until Ralph says: "WILL YOU GET ON WITH IT!!!"  This is equivalent to all those meetings and committees and letter writing.

The Trixie phase is when Trixie offers some concrete proposal like: "We could have a bake sale to raise money for film."  This of course fails miserably.  
Alice-Kramden.jpgThe Alice phase is when, in the midst of "vision" and denial and impossibility, Alice saves the day by pulling her mad money out of a sock to pay off the $400 camera rental that accrued during phases 1, 2 and 3.  Of course the grand Kramdonian vision is never realized.
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