Big projects to simple ideas


Several studies of unconventional houses.
TurboCAD 3D with downloadable files.
House design is more than slapping some wall up in a CAD program. A friend taught me about "work triangles" in the kitchen. Work triangles describe the motions you walk as you use the kitchen. You want them small. I saw house design is way more than room arrangements.

I also owned a house where the owner moved the water heater from the garage to a shed on the side of the house. This meant it took a long time to get hot water to the kitchen faucet.He then added a minu0electric hot water heater under the sink. It leaked and overflowed and made even more problems.

These houses are tailored to my unique preferences as a motorcyclist that does video and photography. A joke:
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Assisted living house

Assisted living house

Three bedrooms with three garages, shared kitchen and living area, and parking for a day nurse or cook.

Dream house

Dream house

A series of floor-plans that accommodate motorcycles and media production.
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Tract house

Tract house

Three beds, three baths, 1345 square feet.

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