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Dream house

A series of floor-plans that accommodate motorcycles and media production. pdf version
A TurboCAD 15 floor-plan of a living space with lots of room for motorcycles, and a video studio that is also a workshop. This recent iteration attempts to pack the living area into a small space in order to minimize property taxes. The living area is only1382 square feet.

The garage has three doors and is huge, since it does not count to taxable floor space. The garage has outdoor exit doors on both sides.
Only one bathroom, and its a studio, with a separate walk-in closet that also has the washer and dryer. One kitchen window to keep out noise, with a frosted bathroom window for light. The studio/workshop is air-conditioned. There is a front door, a back door and a side door to exit to the main living area.
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The floor-plan with furniture indicated to block out the intended usage. The bathroom is two private areas, with vanity counter in the anti-room and the toiler, shower, and bathtub in the interior room. The open area in the garage could hold machinery for both metal- and wood-working
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The previous version is a vamp of this floor-plan. This has a standard-dimension 3-car garage. Thing is, those garages are really too narrow to accommodate all the doors of the cars being open for entry and egress. Its ridiculous to have to pull the car out of the garage to let passengers and kids get in. It comes in at 1113 square feet, and I could get it under 1000 without much trouble.The "recliner" is a queen-sized bed with four 70-inch TVs serving as both a TV and a multi-display computer monitor.
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Dream-house_4.gifThis floor plan has a separate bedroom. For tax purposes, this would be a one-bedroom home.  1488 square feet, but with the narrow garage. It uses a door instead of a window to comply with building code requirements that bedrooms have at least a 2'x2' window to crawl out of.
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This version is a vamp of the Thomas Ryan Homes Sandestin floor plan. I optimized for two large areas for the studio and living room. Three bedrooms, 1963  square feet vs 2300 or so for the Sandestin.


The first dream house was a simple 2D study of a more conventional house. The dining room serves as a den with the TV and computer. The living room is the studio/workshop. The kitchen is close the garage to ease unloading groceries. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms. 1662 square feet.

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