Big projects to simple ideas


Electric car conversions, three-wheeled
enclosed trikes, dynamometers, and car parts.

I started as an automotive engineer in Detroit. I worked for GMC Truck and Coach in Pontiac for 5 years, as a co-op student. Then I went to Ford Motor in the Dearborn Design Center as a product design engineer for light trucks. They were the highest-volume product Ford made. Americans love pick-ups.

My love of cars came from the freedom they give, and the fascination of all things mechanical. Even after leaving the auto business proper, I still love automotive design. It can be even tougher than aerospace engineering, since it has to have low cost, great reliability, and good manufacturability.
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1974 Civic electric car conversion

1974 Civic electric car conversion

A 9-inch dc motor, Curtis controller, and ten RV batteries make a spiffy impractical car.

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