Damage claim verbiage

I like to collect the expressions for damage claims that civil lawyers use in their lawsuits. If you are writing an angry letter to a company or person, be sure to sprinkle a few of these terms in the text.
And you get extra credit for using the word dispositive. I read the definition over and over and stll can't really understand what it means.
copyright infringement
false advertising
breach of contract,
misappropriation of trade secrets
tortious interference
unjust enrichment
unfair trade practices

Here are a few more juicy tort claims you can use.
Economic loss
harm to reputation
emotional distress

From yet another article I gleaned these claims:
breach of the written contract
breach of written release agreement
breach of the duty of loyalty
breach of fiduciary duty
intentional infliction of emotional distress
negligent affliction of emotional distress
intentional misrepresentation
negligent misrepresentation
abuse of process

So there you have it. Be sure to add "under state and federal law" to your list of usurpations. Just pepper your complaint letters with these key phrases and you sould got a nice rise out of the recipient. You might even hook a couple of their lawyers.

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