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Stars.BAS a DOS video game

Shooting exclamation points at asterisks at the top the screen. This is the only work I ever lost. pdf version
 I wrote this Basic program on my first computer. It was an AT&T PC6300. It was a re-badged Olivetti M24. By 1987 AT&T could see the personal computer revolution leaving it behind and sold this Italian beauty. I can tell I designed this program in 1987, since envelope had a 1987 postmark.
The program would randomly put asterisks on the top row of the screen for a random period of time. There was an exclamation point on the bottom row of the screen you could move left and right with the arrow keys. When you pressed <spacebar> the exclamation point "launched" up the screen If it reached the asterisk, it disappeared and assigned some points. I think it could have multiple exclamation points all traveling at the same time. I wrote it in GWBasic, and it was pretty slow, That was part of the fun, you could watch the "missile" creep upwards while you hoped the asterisk did not time out. Years later I ran in it on a faster computer, probably a 386 and was astonished by how much faster it ran. Sad to say, I lost the file between taking the computer to use at consulting jobs and cleaning up the disk drive. Sigh.
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