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Six webpage designs that are liquid between 680 and 340px. Print on one-page, fit a phone. pdf version
2016-03-23_Style-1-HTML-layout.gifFor a decade I tried to make this website liquid. That means it would fill the screen when it it was on a phone or on a 4k monitor. Those sites that have a narrow strop of 800- to 900-pixels-wide down the middle are so 1998.

The problem is as that when viewed on a wide screen the text had very long lines that made it hard to read. There is a reason newspapers, books, and the Reader's Digest display columns. There are CSS style rules for Firefox to display text in columns. Chrome has those too. But they aren't universal and as expected, Internet Explorer does not honor either of those rules.
2016-03-23_Style-2-HTML-layout.gifJust as bad, its hard to predict how the multi-column rules will render, it gives control to some arbitrary rule the browser engineers might change at some future release.

So I gave up on liquid and went to responsive. The bulk of the pages are built into 340-pixel- wide half-page columns. This lets them stack as needed  One-wide for phones, two-wide for printouts, and three-wide on my 1920px-wide monitor/TV.

Yet the title or "lede" page had to be two columns wide and liquid enough so it can shrink to 340px. These templates are for that.
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The TurboCAD design files are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
move up a little to the right move down to the left

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