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This site will publish and share design, repair and style information on Harley Sportsters form 1957 to 1884.  It is in no way associated with the Harley Davidson Motor Company, its management or its employees.
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The latest addition:

Saddlebag Installation
My friend Karen showed my some old Buco antique saddlebags she was restoring and mounting on her 74 Sportster.  I tried to get her to sell them to me but no dice.  That night I looked on E-bay and in a modern miracle a fellow down in Arkansas was selling a pair he had on an old Honda Dream.  I mounted then on my trusty old 62 Sportster.

Regulator Bracket

I needed to mount an old Voltpak style regulator on the end of a generator.  I whipped this bracket out in a few minutes.  Not only that, I still have all my fingers.

   Side Stand Fix

My 1977 Sportster keeps breaking the side stand bracket.  Maybe this fix will last.

Generator Fix

Rebuild a generator to fix an oil leak

Primary Leak

My '96 developed a leaky primary cover at only 12,000 miles.  Here is the fix.

Saddlebag Installation

Mounting a set of '60s vintage Buco aftermarket saddlebags to a 1962 Sportster.
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