Regulator Bracket

Voltage Regulator Bracket (1979)

by Paul Rako
I needed to replace a Frank's-style voltage regulator that mounts on the end of the generator with the old conventional voltpak type of regulator.  Proper system partitioning does make it wise to make the regulator part of the generator subsystem.  This way all 5 of my Iron Sportsters will have the same interface to the wiring harness and the harness need not have wires for the armature or field since these wires only go between the regulator and the generator.  The first step is to measure the generator end bell to get an idea of the tab size on the bracket.
The height needs to be measured also to provide for enough material for the bracket.

I find some nice thick steel in the materials crib.  This is a fast project.  I am using the old Detroit standard:  Measure it a micrometer, mark it with a piece of chalk, cut it with an ax.  After all that careful measurement I get a big thick juicy marks-a-lot and trace the new regulator out.  The custom chrome end-mount copy of a Frank's is 90 bucks or so dealer cost and the cheapy here they sell is 23 bucks. I put them both on the test bench and the oscilloscope waveforms look identical.  Easy decision huh?
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