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Install XAMPP, install Strawberry Perl, maybe install DBD::mysql in Perl, reboot!, install Movable Type. Create database, configure everything, then run. Also use NotePad++ and FileZilla.

Upgrade Movable Type from 5.04 to 5.2

Initial impetus for upgrade was 5.04 instal broke so I could not access assets or instantiate an asset from inside an entry page. Turns out the last asset I uploaded was to big or clumsy to render a thumbnail in the assets page, so I got a communications error or internal server error.

The title is a vamp off of a webpage that shows how Microsoft server is just a mess compared to Linux Apache. Good gosh sometime I feel the same about Movable Type.

Suffering with web page printouts

In 2007 I read how HP vice president Vyomesh I. Joshi made some statements about printing of web pages on HP printers.

Suffering with ProCad

When I became a consultant I adopted PC CAD software to do schematics and lay out circuit cards. I purchased a package called ProCad from a local vendor in Silicon Valley.

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