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Software just seems to get bigger and bigger. With DOS you just copied the program to the hard drive or left it on a 5-inch floppy. Now you need a DVD to hold the gigabyte program and it has to "instal" into the computer, using the accursed Windows Registry. Now programs are so gigantic they don't even install, they live in the "cloud" where you don't own them and the programmers can change things ever 40 minutes. Things are only getting worse.

Upgrade Movable Type from 5.04 to 5.2

Initial impetus for upgrade was 5.04 instal broke so I could not access assets or instantiate an asset from inside an entry page. Turns out the last asset I uploaded was to big or clumsy to render a thumbnail in the assets page, so I got a communications error or internal server error.

The title is a vamp off of a webpage that shows how Microsoft server is just a mess compared to Linux Apache. Good gosh sometime I feel the same about Movable Type.

Microsoft is schwacked

One problem is that journalists often think computers are just glorified typewriters.  If all you do is install the OS and Office, Microsoft is just fine and will still be fine for a little while.

Linux is bloatware too

My software guru buddy points out that script-kiddie hackers are working to make Linux just like Windows. The problem is Windows sucks.

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