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Once you have your site architected you need to change a whole slew of settings. You can do some of these as you create the blogs.
Since I like capitalization in the url, and since I use short URL names, I tweak the subdirectory name. I set time zone to Pacific. For less "bloggy" blogs, where I will not be creating the pages in MTs entry box, i delete revision history. Otherwise I set revisions to "2". There is no need to create a giant bloated database by saving 20 revisions. Software types use needless complexity to make you feel stupid. There is no need to do it to yourself. Competent blog writers only need one or two "undos" even if every programmer needs a million.

By creating these blogs, all I've done is create a sub-directory. Since I have not published anything the sub-directories are empty. This was handy when I realized I wanted a sub-directory called Archive instead of Archives. Using the settings tab in the particular blog, I changed the blog sub-directory. I could then use FileZilla ftp (file transfer protocol) program to erase the old sub-directory that the system will no longer use.

Blog ID Blog Name Subdirectory Discription
2 Archive Archive A listing of past home pages.
3 Diamond bullets Diamond A collection of profound thoughts.
4 Tech articles Articles A collection of my technical articles.
5 Tech writing Write A place to learn technical writing.
6 Suffering with software Suffer An examination of the misery caused by creating and using software.
7 Links Bookmarks Useful links, approved vendors. and the best of the best.
8 My strive Strive A look back at my time on this planet.
9 Libertarian apostate Apostate A born libertarian has second thoughts.

By creating the blogs in the above order I get the subsequent blog IDs assigned by the MT software. This will be important in the table of contents page for the whole site, since that ID is how you can refer to each blog. That way, if you change the blog name later, it will change in the contents page automatically.

This is also a good time to add a description for each blog. The Movable Type default page uses that as a subtitle to the blog name. After you have the structure of the site set up, you should look at the site with FileZilla to be sure all the sub-directories are named properly.

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