The Microsoft handgun

Like all early computer users, I have always had a lot of problems using Microsoft software. Back in 2002 I got to thinking what a handgun would be like if Microsoft designed it.
It occurred to me that a Microsoft handgun would have two barrels, since programmers love configurability. And it would have some goofy user interface and some arcane settings so you would never be sure what barrel was going to shoot. Finally, just like a Window in Windows thas the re-size and the close buttons right next to each other, the Microsoft handgun would have identical levers for the trigger and the safety. And of course, the levers would be right next to each other.

So I built the Microsoft handgun in Solidworks. I took a nice screen-shot of it and then brought that into Photoshop so I could add the text and logos. I thing the Microsoft handgun came out great.


The Photoshop .psd file with layers is here.Software Gun2.psd

A 20meg zip with the Solidworks files are

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