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I have a printer that connects to my LAN hub with a 50-foot CAT-5 cable. Somehow, somewhere the little plastic clip broke off the connector.

The ATI 9600XT video card

A cheeze alert, but not quite blatant incompetence with oak leaf cluster, just your plain old everyday unserviceable consumer electronics crap.

AT&T, scumbags for 152 years

A couple years after my horrid experience with AT&T when the slammed me to a more expensive DSL plan, they just let me go without dial tone for a week. Remember, The Law is conducted on paper, so start your paper trail early.

AT&T, scumbags for 150 years

Many years ago I became convinced that customer service departments are useless and the only real way to get any action is to write the legal consul of the company that wrongs you.

Samsonite is junk

It used to be that a brand name stood for something. Remember the American Tourister ads where a gorilla threw a suitcase across the cage?

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