Charlie Jackson

Charlie Jackson is a biker, small businessmen, and aspiring musician living in Silicon Valley.
Charlie has a very colorful background. Although he has been a correctional officer in Alabama, he tends to dislike the police and their tactics. He runs his own tool and die shop in San Jose California. Charlie loves his several Harleys, as much as he loves the Grateful Dead. Like the cobbler's own shoes, Charlie's bikes sometime go unloved for long periods, until he has someone rebuild or create a new bike for himself.

Despite having a very successful business Charlie prefers to live an outsider's lifestyle. He lives in a large barn on a beautiful property in the East San Jose foothills, He has one large room where he sleeps that doubles as a music studio and rehearsal hall. Behind that is a room where he he keeps his several Harleys and has a small indoor stage and hang-out area. In front of his bedroom is a large porch that serves as a bandstand when Charlie hosts one of his famous parties.

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