Swarming ants are after water, not food.

I once heard that ants swarm into your house because they are looking for water. Sure, if they find food they will swarm that and take it home, but they really are looking for water.
I didn't really believe this since it was always the wastebasket where the ants would go find, and I figured they were looking for food first. I had swarming every summer but I did notice is was the hottest and driest parts of the year when the ants would come into my house. The scouts were everywhere, the walls, the couch, the bed. I sprayed that bug killer stuff around the windows and door frames and I could keep the main swarm at bay, but the scouts were still there.

Then I got off my ass and connected up the three front lawn sprinklers that were installed but not working. Its been two years, and once I started watering the lawn every 3 days for 15 minutes, I have not seen an ant in the house. So yeah, take it from me. Swarming ants are looking for water.

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