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Business Sense 

A look at the concerns in an organization that employs both engineers and scientists.  Problems that arise from both types and suggestions to lesson the adverse impact on project success.

Rako Engineering 

Services offered by our design and prototype engineering firm.  A list of projects and case studies.  Download forms, documents and structures from our award winning documentation system.

Open Sport Motorcycle Initiative

A open-system design for motorcycles based on the 1957 to 1983 Harley Sportster motorcycle.  Drawings information and advice, all free and fully downloadable.  The Linux of the motorcycle world.

About the Authors

Brief biographies of the contributors to this site.

Books and Articles

This section contains our business and technical books and publications

Putts Law and the Unwritten Rules of Engineering

These two out of print articles are published here for your enjoyment.

Cheeze Alerts

Various annoying or useless products or services.  Things that are Cheezy in the sense Frank Zappa discussed.


A plethora af valuable, interesting or amusing links.