Victor and the big black bear

My brother John lives in western New Jersey.  He has a friend named Victor.  Victor is a nice Italian boy.  Victor grew up in Newark New Jersey where "the fix is always in".
He has seen the Mafia and the crooked politicians doing damage his whole life. It has given him a realistic, albeit cynical, world view.  In order to get himself and his family away from the corrupt environment of Newark, Victor moved to western New Jersey.  He lives a few miles from my brother.  A couple of weeks ago Victor looked out his back window and saw a big black bear on his back porch.  He called the police and asked them to please remove the bear from the neighborhood.  The police said they would not get involved.  I guess the bear hadn't broken any laws yet. Victor implored the police to help him since he has a wife and two wonderful teenage kids who might bump into the bear out on the back porch. The police said no way they would mess with the bear.  Victor then asked: "If I shoot this bear would you come out then?"  The cop said, "If you shoot that bear you would be guilty of multiple felonies and you can bet we would come out then."  Victor responded: "That's what I figured, don't worry, I won't shoot the bear."  The next day he told my brother the story.  My brother expressed dismay at the situation, having two lovely teenage kids himself and living only a few miles from Victor's house.  Then Victor asked my brother: "Do you know why they would come out to prosecute me and not the bear?"  My brother said: "No, why?"  Victor responded:  "Because the bear doesn't have any money."

If you think Victor exaggerates, think again.

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